Soap Shampoo


Shampoo sapone per cani

Specially designed for pups.
Thanks to the special composition
PUPPY DON’T CRY cleanses
the coat without damaging the
essential degree of hydratation,
leaving the hair soft and shiny.
PUPPY DON’T CRY does not irritate the eyes.

Instructions for use:
Wet coat of puppy,
apply the product, soap
well, rinse thoroughly and dry.

75 gr.
Specially formulated shampoo-soap
for removing yellow stains out
of white coats, such as the beard,
the corners of the eye, feet etc.

Instructions for use:
Wet the coat and apply DIAMONDS.
Leave for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
Strongly yellowed hair can be
treated best with a mix of CRISTAL CLEAN SHAMPOO
and SILVER CLEAN LOTION of Iv San Bernard,
before using DIAMONDS.

75 gr.